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Reasons to Join an Online Bible Study.

It is important to have our personal relationships with God through prayers and reading the bible but it cannot give us full benefits if we don’t involve others. The Bible also encourages us to have fellowship with others like Hebrews 10:25 says don’t forsake gathering of the assembly of believers. Sharing our gifts with our Christian brothers and sisters as a way of supporting them is an act that the book of Ephesians also encourage. Fellowships enable Christians to encourage each other on remaining in faith and to avoid falling back into sin.

Technology is changing almost everything and bible study have not been left behind. People who have the will to join bible study but availability is a limitation can benefit from online Bible study. Work keeps people busy for the whole day and their kids need them when they go home. Most people find the set time for Bible study collide with some personal duties they can’t forego. Online Bible study could be better for people who are always busy during the day because it gives them the opportunity to study the Bible at the most convenient time for them.

In Bible studies, people have the homework of personal studies which are discussed together with the group in the next meeting. It is difficult for people who are always working to go at the same pace with other members of the Bible study group. To avoid embarrassment they are more likely to miss the next Bible Study meeting. Online bible study solves that problem because everyone can move at their own pace verse by verse or you can slowly follow what the others learned before.

The benefits that one gets by having an online Bible study are the same with the ones that a person in a tradition Bible study group will have even if the sharing process is different. Having an opportunity to share thoughts with people from different denominations and cultures enable members of online Bible study groups to grow spiritually. Most bible study groups are made by members of the same church hence denying them the outside thought. You can also leave the online Bible lessons that you feel not beneficial and join others without fear of being judged.

Online Bible Study groups don’t have geographical limitations hence enabling members to connect with friends wherever they are and continue fellowshipping with them. Your family members can be part of these friends as well as people with whom you shared the same Bible study group and latter relocated. The your Bible study group can also be extended through online facilities to enable people to share when issues come up before the next meeting .

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