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Reasons Behind The Change Of The Tax Act.

Tax acts and rules that are coming up from the authorities are one of the most observed things by all citizens in a country this is due to the fact that they influence the individual’s daily lives this s mostly in the business transactions that involves currency such as buying things and selling them.

The government came up with the act 2017 which was contributed a lot by the republican administration due to their majority in the voting the major function of the tax act was to ensure the success of the budget of the 2018 year.

The following are some of the factors that may lead to the to the formation and change of the tax act despite the many reasons that may attribute to their functions.

There are a lot of styles of leadership hat are portrayed by individual’s in power, this is one of the reasons for the changes of the tax act since the style of their leadership needs to be reflected in the tax act that are available, therefore as the individuals in the authority change the tax act will change too.

Ideologies are one of the major causes of change in any sector, the ideology is always the driving factor in anything this is due to the fact that each ideology has a purpose and the purpose is achieved by the rules set aside to guide it therefore one of the reasons why the tax act change is due to the fact that the ideology that has come up has to come with its own rules.

The government has to make tax acts so us to update the systems of taxations in case of any need that will result in to a positive change to its publication taxation has its own revolutions and therefore the government has to keep itself updated.

Tax means everything to the government, this is due to the fact that a lot of operations and functions that the government does always depend on tax and therefore the protection of the tax is very important thus the need for the tax act.

The governments also comes up with the taxation acts so as to have a control on what amount particular individuals are paying, this is so as to ensure that all the individuals do not escape from the common task which is paying the taxes.

The taxation acts also have a very important role which is to ensure that substance intake is controlled some products are usually controlled through taxation to avoid its much intake in the country most of this products are such as cigarettes and alcohol, this is in the fight to ensure that the citizens stay a healthy life this can be to motivate or to discourage the intake and is done by cutting of the taxes or increasing the taxes.

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